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Do You Need An Attorney As A Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Or An Owner In The HOA?

The rules set down by a condominium or homeowners’ association exist to benefit residents and protect them from potential concerns. However, these agreements can also be the source of conflict between associations, their boards of directors and individual homeowners. To address these disputes, to review documentation and to advise on how to prevent future concerns, an attorney could be an asset to associations anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Dornish Law Offices, PC, has served as counsel for some forty condominium and homeowners’ associations, boards of directors and management agents; we have also represented the interests of individual homeowners. This experience gives us the skill and knowledge necessary not only to assist you when you are in the midst of a dispute, but also to review association documents for prospective buyers or associations to potentially prevent future disputes.

Representing Your Interests And Protecting Your Rights

Whether establishing essential documentation, reviewing agreements before homeowners join the association, assisting with real estate concerns or offering counsel during disputes, our attorneys have assisted condominium and homeowners’ associations with a variety of legal concerns. Our legal services include:

  • Condominium documentation and management
  • Collection of assessments
  • Consultation on purchases and sales
  • Cooperative documentation and management
  • Litigation of owner/association disputes
  • Planned unit development documentation and management

Our attorneys have extensive experience both in and out of the courtroom, allowing us to defend your interests tenaciously in a dispute. No matter how contentious, we will work to create a solution that protects your interests and creates the best possible results for you.

Contact Us For Skilled Legal Representation

Whether you are facing a current conflict or looking for guidance on documentation or agreements, our attorneys can assist you in the wide variety of legal concerns faced by condo and homeowners’ associations as well as the associated homeowners. Contact us online or call for a consultation on your case.